Esse Japa ai do vídeo se chama David Choi e tem algumas musicas bem legais no canal dele no YouTube. Essa musica se chama “Please don’t touch my Junk”  Traduzindo “Por favor não mexa no meu lixo”. Vale a pena a visita no canal do japa

Please don’t touch my junk
I don’t have a bomb
Strapped inside my trunk

Please don’t touch my junk
That I use to F$#%
Please don’t push my luck

I know you have to do your jobs
But can’t metal detectors find buttons and knobs?

Honestly, how cool are those x-ray machines?
But I want kids in the future, and they will mutate my offspring

Safety is the main priority
Can I at least choose my TSA officer?
I’ll take the girl that’s in lane 3

I will let her pat me down thoroughly
But I ain’t going through that
Child killing death ray machine
No I won’t